About Us

At Natures Slim Tea we have created three unique weight loss teas by blending a 60 % base of Oolong Tea or Pu erh Tea with extracts like Garcinia Cambogia Extract, Ginseng tea Extract, Lotus Leaf Extract, Green Tea Extract, Ginger Granules and a slight touch of stevia. We have 3 slimming tea flavors, all are non-diuretic, organic and will help with your weight loss plan the natural way. The benefits of using fermented tea rather than green tea can be explained on our site, as we have many articles to help with your education on weight loss tea.
Our Product Range
We believe tea should be in its most natural form, mixed with other herbs and extracts to achieve a specific purpose. Oolong tea was our choice for the texture and its Semi-fermented process aids with fat burning. Pu-erh Tea we also selected as this is a fully fermented tea with beneficial bacteria useful for weight reduction. These teas were superior in comparison to green tea for weight loss. Green tea has its high antioxidant count, so we have added the extract to our blends.  We have plenty of articles that have been written by health professionals referencing from authentic studies done on weight loss. So how to lose weight fast depends on what method you use in your weight loss plan and what is the best tea for you, i hope you chose the right method for your body type.

Thanks for reading our articles, i hope this has helped, we wish you good luck.

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