Oolong Tea

The Addition of Ginseng tea in our Weight Loss Tea for an Extra Boost.

Ginseng Adds a Boost

When most people think of tea they think of a warm drink to start the morning or to help them relax.  What most people don’t know is that pu-erh tea and Oolong tea can be used to help you lose weight.  Both of these teas are Ginseng Tea and contain multiple ingredients. Ginseng granules are considered backbone of the weight loss properties in green tea.  Ginseng is a plant with properties known to speed up weight loss.

As a stimulant it improves your energy level and alertness which is necessary to keep you active throughout the day.  Ginseng granules are also used by many companies to make weight loss pills but the tea is considered superior to them.  These ginseng granules have many health benefits and they speed up your metabolism which means less of your calories will be converted to fat and more of your food will be processed by the body.  Ginseng granules are also known as ginseng extract.

Our Oolong and Pu-erh Teas also contain Garcinia Cambogia extract which is another great tool for aiding weight loss.  Garcinia Cambogia helps to suppress your appetite by causing your body to produce the hormone leptin. Just like ginseng granules, Garcinia Cambogia also helps control the metabolism, it does this by adding potassium and calcium to your body which are known to help control metabolism.  It also contains hydroxycitric acid which prevents your body cells to store excess fat.

Stevia Rebaudiana is also included in our slimming teas to help you achieve your goal of losing weight.  Stevia Rebaudiana add a sweet taste to the tea without giving you harmful artificial sugars.  It also contains zero calories which means that when you drink it you aren’t taking in anything harmful towards your diet.  It also helps you reduce your cravings for those fatty foods that are so detrimental to your weight loss goals.  If you want to reduce your heartburn and indigestion Stevia Rebaudiana will also help you with that.
Green Tea Extract Tea
Green tea extract is yet another ingredient in our weight loss teas.  One of the most well-known uses of green tea extract is to burn fat, it helps accelerate your body’s ability to get rid of fat.  It contains caffeine which will boost your energy level for working out.  Another benefit for your weight loss goals is that the green tea extract helps stimulate your body into producing norepinephrine which helps your metabolism process the food you intake.  When you drink green tea extract it’s important to continue drinking water to help the caffeine work safely.

Our teas also include other ingredients that will help your weight loss efforts such as chickweed, gynostemia, lotus leaf, organic mint leaves, and citrus aurantium.  Depending on whether you want the Oolong tea or the Pu-erh tea you will get different ingredients to help you lose that stubborn weight.

Remember that everyone’s body is different and some people may see much better benefits with these slimming teas than others.  Most people will see at least good results in their weight loss efforts when adding Oolong tea and Pu-erh tea to their diet.

For ages cultures have used tea to help treat ailments and lose weight.  These ideas aren’t new ones, they are just ones that have been shrouded in mystery and been unheard by some locations due to the fact the world wasn’t interconnected.  The internet has allowed more weight loss techniques such as our slimming teas to be spread to more people. Combine your weight loss tea with exercise and a good diet if you want to boost weight loss.  With all three of these together you will notice changes in your weight quickly.