Oolong Tea or Pu-erh Tea

Oolong Tea or Pu-erh Tea

Weight Loss Tea: Oolong and Pu Erh

Do you want to lose weight naturally? Think about staying slim? Care to burn calories? Do you want some help for your exercise program?

You do not have to undergo medical treatments to lose pounds and detox your body. You do not need drugs to balance your hormones that are responsible for hunger. Medications all have side effects. Use natural supplements or just change your eating and drinking habits. Drink a cup of beverage that has health benefits.

Research has shown that weight loss tea can boost the fat burning process, it is full of antioxidants, amongst others, catechins that stimulate you and fills you with energy. Weight loss tea can reduce your appetite: you drink such substances, you will feel less hungry. It boosts your metabolism. It has other benefits, it has a soothing effect on you. It is one of the best natural weight loss methods and home remedies.

There are several types of teas that we use as a weight loss tea.

Oolong tea is a delicious traditional tea from China, it is a weight loss tea, it is made from partly oxidized tea leaves. It is beneficiary to your health, it helps prevent conditions like cancer, diabetes and heart problems.

In the Chinese tradition, teas made of semi-oxidized tea leaves are called blue teas – it takes a specific process to make oolong tea. The process is specific and complex. It is one of the most difficult ways to process a tea.

At first, workers let the tea leaves wither: they dry the leaves under the sun for hours. The following step is “disruption”: workers shake the leaves in bamboo baskets to break and soften the edges of the leaves to make the oxidation process faster. After that, tea producers air-dry the leaves, spreading them within an air-conditioned room, leaving them there overnight until they get a yellowy color. Next, they curl the leaves, because this step – called “rolling” – gives the oolong tea a better aroma and flavor. After that, the workers break the leaves. Once the leaves are oxidized, the producers heat them to stop the oxidation process.

Unlike black tea, oolong tea is not 100 percent oxidized. The degree of oxidation may vary from 5 percent to 85 percent, for most oolong teas, it is 20 to 60 percent.Oolong tea leaves last longer and stay fresh longer than green tea, since they contain less moisture because of the oxidation.

High Quality Oolong Tea

Oolong tea has several varieties. The highest quality oolong tea is made of tea leaves harvested during the winter or spring months, and the leaves are hand-picked. High quality oolong tea tastes great and has a sweet fragrance and aromas. It is rich in antioxidants, so it keeps you young, active and energetic. It contains lots of vitamins, caffeine, theobromine, folic acid and detoxifying alkaloids.

Oolong Tea as Weight Loss Tea

Many studies have proven that oolong tea can lower blood sugar level in those who live with type 2 diabetes. It is still discussed whether it has the same effect on healthy persons. The latest research – in Japan – showed that oolong tea improved glucose levels of healthy people, however, drinking too much oolong can contribute to diabetes in the long run. Like every natural remedy, every cleansing and detoxifying agent and each weight loss tea, oolong tea should be used periodically. Herbs and natural substances are potent, you should ask your health care provider how to use them and how long you can consume them.

Oolong tea has a reputation of burning fat and boosting metabolism. Chinese people use oolong tea for thousands of years as a weight loss tea. Modern science also approves oolong. According to researchers, those who drink oolong tea burn more calories, and their fat oxidation is 12 percent higher after consuming oolong tea.

Pu erh tea is a dark fermented tea from Yunnan Province, China. During its process, the tea leaves are dried, rolled, then they undergo fermentation. Chinese people call pu erh tea black tea, however, it is not the same as Western black teas; those are called red teas in Chinese culture.

Pu erh tea contains antioxidants. It helps you balance out your cholesterol level. It helps prevent cardiovascular problems. According to studies conducted in China, pu erh tea helps decrease the level of low density lipoprotein, the kind of cholesterol that may contribute to cardiovascular diseases. It can increase the level of high density lipoprotein, the cholesterol type that lowers the risk of atherosclerosis, so it reduces the risk of cardiovascular problems. As for side effects, pu erh tea can be a stimulant. It contains caffeine – like coffee – and it accelerates heartbeat and electrifies the nervous system.

Pu erh tea is mainly used as a weight loss tea.

Along with pu erh tea and weight loss tea, you can add green tea extract to your weight loss diet. Green tea extract contains caffeine and catechins, so it elevates your adrenaline level with a notch. Catechins also help fat burning. Keep in mind that caffeine and some of its other ingredients are diuretic, so drink plenty of water when you take green tea extract supplements.

Green tea extract can be very powerful. Probably a supplement contains lots of catechins, however, it may contain only tea leaves in the form of capsules. Before you buy a product, read the label and see how many milligrams of catechins it may contain per capsule.

Weight loss tea may contain a variety of additional flavors, from ginger granules to stevia and ginseng. They make a weight loss tea more potent. Ginger hardly contains some calories. It is rich in vitamins, calcium, iron, magnesium. It can help sore muscles and joints, since it has an inflammatory effect. It helps nausea and migraines. It elevates your blood pressure. Stevia, a natural sweetener, contains no calories, it keeps your blood sugar level and insulin level balanced. Ginseng lowers blood sugar level, cholesterol level, it is suggested for those who live with diabetes. It is also a natural stimulant.

Ginseng Tea to Boost Weight Loss

Ginseng Tea BenefitsIf you are looking for a good tea that helps you in most areas especially in the health area, then this one may serve as a kind of super tea if you will. At least that’s what it should be called. Ginseng tea can even be called a type of enhancer for many reasons.

Ginseng is very common in the Asian countries like China and Korea. For a very long time, they have been using this tea and Ginseng by itself not just for a nice cup of tea, but to even cure illnesses or prevent them from ever coming all together.

Ginseng is a supper ingredient for many reasons. There are 3 main types of Ginseng, even though they are from different parts of the world: American, Asian, and Siberian. It is well known for giving a boost in energy as well as mental clarity. It also helps to prevent free radical damage to the body. Ginseng Tea is very similar to green tea in a lot of areas, as well as ginger tea in other areas. It also helps in reducing the risk of cancer or help prevent cancer developing, it also helps women especially with menstrual issues.

For women with Menstrual difficulties, it can help reduce pain and bring more relieve to the body, helping to prevent cramping as well as stomach pains. It can also help with obesity as well as improving the digestive problems, the ginseng gives the body and brain a boost in stamina, and this in turn helps people to keep weight off by sustaining endurance with physical activity. This super tea can also help people who suffer from asthma. Ginseng tea can also help with arthritis.

For people with sexual problems, Ginseng is known for being used to improve in this areas as well. This tea is very good at reducing mental and physical distress and truly relaxes and sooths the body without lifting adrenaline levels. This amazing tea also has healing properties in it. Ginseng comes from a perennial plant root, and allot of times its used on its own by steaming the root for many hours, the root is then cut into slices. This is a potent way to consume ginseng, only tiny slices need to be taken once daily.

The health benefits of Ginseng Tea are present because of the chemical called ‘ginsenosides’ which is from the root. Ginseng is truly one of the most popular roots used for in Tea. This tea has a good amount of Radix glycyrrhizae, panax quinquefolium and herbal lysismachiae. This tea also helps people with low blood pressure and reduces mental cramps, as well as improving concentration and cognitive capabilities. This would make really good Brain Food as it truly boosts your capabilities while improving the functions of the brain cells.

This would be the perfect tea for students. There is however risks involved with the consumption of Ginseng tea. Daily consumption over time may cause sleeplessness over time as well as heart problems. It would be a good idea to talk and consult with a physician if you are thinking of taking this tea regularly every day. Natures Slim Tea has formulated our tea where the strength is regulated at daily amounts not harmful if taken daily. Ginseng tea on its own should be used as per specifications on the packet or consult your doctor if used daily.

This tea is reGinseng Tea to Boostcognized by medical experts as well as scientist as a powerful tool against several types of cancers like skin, breast, lung, colon, bladder and esophageal, helping to prevent or reduce the risk, and possibly the cancer itself. This also slows the growth of tumors, stomach cancers, ovarian, pancreatic, and liver cancer. This tea is also revealed to help increase the levels for the main antioxidants like Glutathione. This is also the same for Green tea.

Mixing the two together, with possibly ginger tea could create a super tea. Ginseng at least is also known to enhance anything it’s added to. For example, anything that is good for the body would make it much healthier than by itself. But unfortunately it can be very harmful as well. For example, using it with bad foods or let’s say alcohol can probably do harm. For all the problems a food or drink can cause, if added with ginseng this could enhance the effects greatly.

So make sure to use it wisely, as it has been used to do good as well as harm in the past, especially in Asia. Mixing Ginseng with Green Tea, oolong tea as well as ginger tea can help increase their effects as well. Just imagine mixing Ginseng with Green Tea Extract. This could have a significant difference, especially since this tea is already an enhanced version of green tea. If you can combine different tea that is good for you, especially when it’s really needed in an emergency, this could be a big life saver, not just for one, but for many. Most people don’t know much about teas at all, but the culture of tea is rapidly growing simply because of the influences from around the world.

Weight loss is something many people struggle with. Ginseng tea can be a great help if you drink daily or every other day, with less consumption of food and actually eating foods that enhance your body not giving your body too much junk food and fast food that’s too fattening. Green Tea, Ginger tea are also very good with reducing or preventing weight gain if it’s used on a daily bases. Just be wary of any effects it might have on a long term bases. Remember that it is important not over-do anything too much, even exercise. Your body can’t take too much of anything, even sleep. It is a good idea to stay balanced with other types of varieties of herb, as well as different varieties of healthy foods if you would like to maintain a healthier way of life.

I hope you liked this article and have learned at least a little about what Ginseng Tea, Green Tea, and even Ginger tea could do for you. Make sure to drink these responsibly, and talk to your doctor about any concerns you may have about long term effects. Let’s all live a healthier lifestyle by drinking more of these natural teas.

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